Day Program

In addition to our residential program we also provide community connection services and vocational services.

Community Connection Services:  The goal of this service is to help individuals connect to their community through volunteer work and recreational activities.  We have small groups that go to several different volunteer sites each week.  At each site there are opportunities to develop and improve skills that could potentially improve a persons ability to obtain community employment. There are also opportunities to participate in recreational activities such as going to the library, exercising at a recreation center, or enjoying the outdoors by taking a hike or going fishing.  This is a great way for individuals to increase their activity level while also improving social skills.Opportunity-in-Living

Vocational Services:  Individuals can receive support with the entire process of obtaining community employment from their job coach.  We can provide assistance with developing a resume, completing vocational assessments, filling out applications and preparing for interviews.

Once employment is obtained an individual would receive assistance with learning new job tasks.  The job coach would act as a liaison between the employer and employee.  Ongoing assistance would be provided to ensure the individual is meeting job expectations and is able to benefit from the experience of maintaining a job in the community.